Monash University Moot Court

The Brief
ENGIE Services was engaged by Monash University to integrate and commission the Audio Visual equipment for a Moot Court to the Monash eSolutions system designed by Peter MacLean (Monash’s Senior Audiovisual Engineer and previous ENGIE employee), documented and engineered by NDY Consulting. The space was required to define the courtroom experience of the future by utilising all available technologies. This was to be done using Monash University’s preferred equipment where possible.

Monash University Moot Court
Monash University Moot Court
The Solution
This Moot Court is a custom building, using Monash University’s L6 standards. At the time it was their single most expensive room installation to date.

The project included refurbishment of an existing building and extensive demolition and remodelling of internal structures within the building.

ENGIE paid special attention to ergonomics, screens retracting within benches, clarity of audio / speech reproduction and aesthetics, with speakers recessed or semi-recessed to achieve optimal audio whilst maintaining a clean look. The space has advanced video manipulation and windowing capabilities with integrated video conferencing allowing remote witnesses, remote Mooters (student lawyers) from other Universities in Australia and around the world, as well as remote judges. There is also an audio and video to the large foyer space outside the Moot Court, to allow extra students to observe.

ENGIE provided a localised rack within a purpose built room to ensure longevity of equipment and adequate cooling capabilities.

The Benefit
Monash University now has a world class facility for future lawyers of Australia. The systems deployed are serviceable and monitored and supported remotely via the University’s Crestron Fusion system.

ENGIE worked closely with the builder, consultant and users to deliver an aesthetically pleasing space. ENGIE delivered a Moot Court that can be used in multiple modes, including; formal and virtual Moot Court, mediation and arbitration facility, tutorial and seminar room, meeting venue and conference and workshop space.

The Moot Court not only looks professional, elegant and sophisticated, it is also embedded with the latest technology.

Monash University Moot Court
Integrate & commission the Audio Visual equipment for Moot Court
Advanced video manipulation & windowing capabilities with integrated video conferencing
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