Melbourne Airport Video Display Wall

The Brief
ENGIE Services was employed to design and construct an 85 Metre 2.5mm pixel pitch LED video display wall, encompassing the baggage return carousel at Melbourne Airports International Baggage Claim Number 8. ENGIE was required to complete numerous aspects of the project including a full design scope, design and construction of a custom LED mounting system, custom built LED panel cabinets to cater for tight radial curvature of the wall, a state-of-the-art content management system and an 11-channel sound system.

Melbourne Airport Video Display Wall
Melbourne Airport Video Display Wall
The Solution
The 7th Sense Delta Media Server houses content developed by media partners specific to the video wall needs. The custom layout ability of the Media Server allows video and images to be created specific to the video wall size. These images can then be either treated as a whole canvas, or multiple repeat, specific to the client requirements.

The audio system is broken down into 12 unique zones allowing for audio to be designed for multiple channels. The concept behind this design is the user can develop audio content sympathetic to moving video on the wall. For example, an advertisement for transport might have a train race around the video wall and the audio following it for an immersive experience. The audio system products were chosen for their flexibility, user ability and reliability. In particular the Bose speakers were selected for their sonic quality, but also their ability to aesthetically match the architecture of the space.

The system also uses ambient SPL measurement of the space automatically adjusting the volume for the system to exceed, yet not overpower the ambient environment. The less ambient noise in the space, the lower the overall volume of the system. The system then has a set of master controls by Crestron standalone management.

The Benefit
Reliability and robustness were the deciding factors in the selection of hardware, as the video wall has the potential to run 24/7 365 days a year. Therefore, consideration had to be made around energy efficiency, reliability, ease of access, availability of spares and architectural aesthetic.

ENGIE partnered with John Holland Group, Grimshaw architects, Roots projects, Siliconcore and client Melair to provide a fully flexible solution.

The Melbourne Airport video display wall at Carousel Baggage 8 is the newest and largest reclaim space that caters for the new 853 passenger aircraft A380-800.

Melbourne Airport Video Display Wall
2019 AVIA Awards Winner - Best Application of AV in Digital Signage
85 metre 2.5mm pixel pitch LED video display wall
Potential to run 24/7 365 days a year
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