Frankston Civic Centre Multi-Technical Upgrade

The Brief
ENGIE were engaged by Frankston City Council to undertake an end-of-life upgrade of the council’s Civic Centre DX cooling, heating and building controls systems. The project included multi-technical services provided by ENGIE, resulting in a turnkey solution for the client, who only needed to liaise with one contact point.

Works comprised an upgrade of the DX cooling system and installation of new condensing boilers complete with associated services, pumps and control panels. The server room units were upgraded to STULZ precision cooling units in a duty/standby configuration. A new fire suppression system was installed and commissioned. The server room main access door (fire door) was replaced to improve access. A new building controls system was designed and cut over to the existing field devices, providing new graphics.
Frankston Civic Centre Multi-Technical Upgrade
Frankston Civic Centre Multi-Technical Upgrade
The Solution
The Mechanical team was the principal contractor on site to supply the new mechanical plant equipment and install the HVAC upgrades.

The Electrical and Communications team and Fire teams were engaged to perform all associated electrical and fire services upgrades and installations.

This enabled the client to maintain one point of contact for all services and project management.
The Challenge
The ageing electrical and building infrastructure and controls presented a particular challenge.

ENGIE upgraded parts of the electrical infrastructure to bring it to compliance with building code requirements. The building controls were overhauled completely, including new graphics, remote access and improved alarm functionality.

ENGIE provided Frankston City Council with a solution that enabled continuous operation without interruptions or loss of productivity during the building’s weekday operations.
Frankston Civic Centre Multi-Technical Upgrade
Single point of contact for a project that encompassed mechanical, fire and electrical and communications services
Project work was completed after hours, achieving continuous operation without interruptions or loss of productivity during weekday operations
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