Alfred Health Centre For Health Innovation (CHI)

The Brief
ENGIE was engaged by Alfred Health to deliver an AV upgrade to their Centre for Health Innovation (CHI), where clinical staff and students can use simulation to develop skills and practice procedures in a safe learning environment, with the aim of capturing clinical and learning events for review, assessment and debrief. In addition, the facility also required the capacity to host workshops and networking events from leading clinicians and health professionals.

CHI caters to all health specialties and can accommodate training in a variety of simulated environments such as ICU, emergency, high dependency units, operating theatre and recovery rooms, ward spaces and procedure rooms.

Alfred Health Centre For Health Innovation (CHI)
Alfred Health Centre For Health Innovation (CHI)
The Solution
ENGIE deployed the CAE LearningSpaceTM solution. Based on a multi room enterprise grade IP platform, the local recorders in each of the training areas seamlessly upload to a central management and redundant storage server. The system allows for up to 12,000 hours of video and audio recording, live view from any network connected browser enabled workstation, and annotations of points of interest in real time.

ENGIE also deployed a Crestron touch screen and table kit for control of the learning space display, in addition to the cloud control via the CAE Learning Space One Hardware. The implementation of a Revolabs discrete microphone system provides users with great audio collaboration.

The Benefit
Immersive simulation-based education is used to facilitate teamwork and clinical management skills for multidisciplinary teams and individuals.

The collaborative space allows clinical experts and innovation leaders to use the latest technology and learning methods to facilitate courses and workshops, plus the recording and evaluation of usability research into new health technologies and processes. Participants are then able to practice procedures and hone clinical skill without patient risk, and have access to ratified technology that ultimately improves patient care.

Alfred Health Centre For Health Innovation (CHI)
Deployed the CAE LearningSpace solution
12,000 hours of video and audio recording, live view and real time interactions
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