Technology for trusted health care organisations

Enabling teams to continue collaborating while maintaining distance

For a number of years, ENGIE’s AV Technologies team has been working with several Australian organisations to improve their day-to-day audio-visual technology requirements.

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of social distancing impacting us all, many of these organisations have had to heavily rely on audio-visual services to continue operating. Our team has been working side-by-side with our partners to ensure the technology is able to meet their needs during these unprecedented times.

ENGIE has been helping business across Australia stay connected with their workforce and their customers for many years. In the face of COVID-19, this service is not only relevant, but is adaptable and extremely valuable to continue to meet community needs while reducing exposure and potential for spread of the virus. ENGIE is proud to be able to serve healthcare providers by allowing them to carry on with their important work.

Enabling government to function

In Victoria we have been supporting a major Government Department operating across 41 sites. The department already had a strong digital infrastructure network to facilitate video conferencing that had been established and maintained over the last few years by our AV team. But since the onset of the virus we have significantly increased our planned Predictive Maintenance (PM) and firmware system updates to ensure service continuity.

As Brad Palmer, National Service Manager, ENGIE Services, AV Technologies explains “As the COVID-19 situation became clearer during March, we quickly realised that we really needed to ramp up this work.

We’ve had our technicians on the road, moving across the state and staying on jobs as needed to ensure that we got this work done. All our predictive maintenance work is now complete, ahead of schedule, meaning that the Department can continue to do their important work.”

In addition to this, ENGIE technicians have taken extra measures to ensure that software is up to date and compatible with services such as Zoom, as well as undertaking relevant testing to make sure the system is able to respond to the increased demand.

Keeping health professionals connected and safe

We have also been working with large individual facilities including Bendigo Hospital, one of Victoria’s largest regional hospitals. Staff at the hospital have relied heavily on its AV facilities in order to continue collaborating and delivering care while social distancing.

ENGIE have been able to access the equipment, allowing technicians to monitor performance and ensure it is operating, without having to visit the hospital itself. Remote access has been crucial in ensuring the health and safety of technicians and the greater community.

Remote working facilities to support the safety of children and their parents

While paediatric hospitals are not currently at the centre of the COVID-19 crisis, it goes without saying that there are comprehensive processes in place to protect both patients and employees from its risks.

This project was influenced by the work we have been undertaking over the last five years in collaboration with architects, surgeons, IT professionals and employees at one of Australia’s leading paediatric hospitals to utilise the latest digital technology to provide the hospital with an agile, scalable and tailored AV and video conferencing system to suit the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

The Critical Operations Centre within the hospital is great example of how this agility will come into play. Traditionally it’s been a space where review sessions, images and data have been shared amongst hospital staff, and with new social distancing protocols and lockdowns in play, these facilities are increasingly important.

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