Supporting regional NSW hospitals in the treatment of patients beyond COVID-19

Our Mechanical Services Team in the Newcastle and Northern NSW region continue to do important work in response to COVID-19.

Over the last few months, a public hospital on New South Wales’ Mid North Coast has seen the urgent need to develop solutions to reduce the amount of effluent air around highly contagious patients such as those with COVID-19 and Influenza. Initially, the hospital had engaged our Services team to install eight HEPA filter fan systems within hospital rooms, as a means of contamination control. As the team at the hospital have come to understand more about the benefits of the filters, they are interested in utilising the solution in other areas of the facility.

Going beyond COVID-19

Whilst these filtered fan systems are critical in extracting small particles and pollutants in the rooms of COVID-19 patients, staff at the hospital have seen a wider need in managing patients with Influenza, not just during this pandemic, but as a way of reducing the infection of this deadly disease within the community.

Service Manager Greg Clifford says “These fans and filters offer a simple but effective solution in dealing with infection control. They are quick to install, with minimal disruption to the hospital. We are proud to be able to help hospitals to fit out as many rooms as needed so that they are ready in their response to spikes in infection should they occur.”

With the units being installed at the hospital in early May, additional works undertaken at another regional hospital in the Hunter Valley, and previous work conducted for a private hospital in Newcastle, this region is quickly becoming well equipped to deal with not only COVID-19 but other highly infectious diseases such as the flu.

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