Keeping data moving as demand soars

It’s safe to say that we’ve all been using our computers much more over the last few weeks to stay connected with our colleagues as we #StayHome. But have you stopped to consider how this all works? We’re all familiar with terms such as cloud storage, comms rack and servers but what do they mean and how do they work?

Our team of data centre technicians is working hard to meet the exceptionally high demand that’s been created in this unprecedented COVID-19 environment. Our teams are currently installing key infrastructure and capacity into data centres in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney to support cloud services, allowing businesses and schools to operate remotely, and for those at home, giving reliable access to streaming services and online experiences.

ENGIE’s response to changing working conditions in data centres

The engineers in our EDCS Critical Environment Facilities Management Team remain on site managing and operating four key data centres supporting critical services for businesses and the community.

To maintain viability and ensure the safety of all team members, operations have been adjusted by splitting into two teams at each location, who are not meeting face to face. Our engineers are also conducting handovers between shifts via phone to prevent contact between team members. As clients are required to work from home, ENGIE team members are becoming the face of these businesses, being on the ground to ensure that the appropriate infrastructure is installed and working as it should.

As Grant Whaley, Project Manager, Electrical and Communications for ENGIE Services ANZ explains “There’s been a rapid migration to online collaboration platforms and a strong need to build capacity for our cloud customers. We must cater for all work arrangements, not just working from home. If teams have been split to isolate from each other, they need to stay connected. At the same time, there’s been a lag to get the physical infrastructure from overseas, but it is coming through now as a high priority, which is great.”

Benefits for our customers

These data centre teams have been fantastic in not only ensuring continuity of service to our customers, but by adding much-needed network capacity and speed to all applications.

They’ve been able to do this, while reducing their installation timeframes and identifying some clear priorities for clients based on customer needs and the needs in the marketplace.

Our team members are not only supporting our clients by helping people to stay in touch both professionally and personally, they are ensuring our clients have the right infrastructure to continue to run their businesses in this ever-changing environment for the months to come.

It’s a great example of how our data centre teams are living the ENGIE values of being Bold, Open and Caring while delivering strongly on complex infrastructure projects that provide our clients with the best results possible.

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