Co-Generation & Tri-Generation Systems

Holistic, low-carbon and localised energy production systems

Our expertise in Co- and Tri- generation systems helps you optimise your energy production. We combine Co-and Tri- generation with a range of other energy technologies to provide you a holistic energy producing system.

The ability to generate electricity whilst utilising recovered heat, and the addition of absorption cooling, allows localised energy generation at high efficiency. Thus, you avoid electrical distribution losses, become more flexible to demand, and gain continuity of energy supply (electricity, heating and cooling).

We work with you to assess the suitability and benefits of Co- or Tri- generation technology by leveraging our local and global expertise. As this is a specific and niche technology for Australia and New Zealand, ENGIE can provide tailored, end to end solutions from the initial feasibility study, right through to day-to-day operation and maintenance, including management of fuel supply.