Energy Efficiency

Integrated solutions that meet your energy needs while reducing your costs and environmental impact

ENGIE operates along the energy value chain, from generation to energy supply through to the efficient use of energy in buildings and precincts, enabling the development and implementation of comprehensive and integrated solutions for business. Globally, we are committed to environmental responsibility. We’ve transitioned to low-carbon energy throughout the world. In Australia, we’ve divested our coal power generating facilities to support this strategy. We believe that enabling others to improve their energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy is another important way we can care for the planet and make the world a better place.

Using our global expertise and cutting-edge technologies, we partner with business and Government to review, analyse and manage processes that optimise energy efficiency. We develop comprehensive solutions that address energy usage, alternative generation opportunities, district energy systems, asset lifecycle management and prospects for renewable energy. This whole of organisation approach enables the identification of integrated solutions that minimise uncertainty and generate financial return. We offer a range of financing arrangements to help you embark on energy efficiency initiatives.

We offer:

  • Lifecycle solutions – from concept, through design, installation and long-term operation and maintenance
  • Guaranteed outcomes – supported by real incentives to maintain agreed measurable targets
  • Improved resilience and reliability of your energy assets
  • Environmental assistance – including reduced greenhouse gas emission
  • Financial savings – through optimised energy, operation and maintenance regimes
  • Safety – trusted Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performance systems