Improving learning outcomes with smarter, safer and more efficient environments

ENGIE provides schools and education campuses with energy, technical services and building intelligence technology that delivers safer, smarter and more efficient learning environments.

We have a broad array of technical services, from energy and wireless networking through to heating and ventilation, AV solutions and digital displays. Our technology supports the ever-changing needs of 21st century education which is more dynamic and connected than ever before.

ENGIE provides a single and convenient source, ensuring best design, efficient installation and optimised management. Our innovative systems are fully backed with world-class customer service and maintenance support throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Importantly, we are also setting the standard in environmental responsibility. We offer energy supply and management solutions, including supply of renewable energy, batteries and power purchase agreements. We have transitioned to low carbon energy throughout the world and we’ll work with you to improve efficiency and use the latest technology to care for the planet while improving learning outcomes.