ENGIE is changing the world of energy

ENGIE is a global business that has been driving innovation for more than 180 years. Today, we are changing the face of energy in Australia and New Zealand and offer business and consumers a full range of energy and multi-technical solutions.

We play a role in communities all over Australia and New Zealand, employing thousands of people and providing economic stimulus, low carbon energy and skills development.

At ENGIE, we are leading the transition of the energy sector in Australia and New Zealand by partnering with government, communities, and business to develop and integrate new technologies to create smarter, safer and more sustainable environments and provide solutions that are gentle on our planet. We are so committed to lower carbon energy generation that we divested ourselves of our two large brown coal generating facilities.

We are leading the way in developing residential renewable energy alternatives that not only make sense financially but care for our planet. In Queensland, we’ve partnered with Springfield City Group to create a city that, by 2038, will be producing more energy than it consumes.

We’re also exploring ways to reduce wastage in our energy usage with smart technology and investigating the full potential of hydrogen – tomorrow’s carbon-free energy alternative.

We also have a retail electricity offering – Simply Energy, which began in Australia in 2005 and today is one of our largest energy retailers, servicing more than 680,000 customer accounts. Simply Energy supplies retail customers in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. Customers include residential homes, small and medium businesses and the commercial and industrial sector.

The company also offers a suite of energy solutions across solar, LED lighting and battery storage to help customers reduce energy costs and minimise environmental impact.

Building on its commitment to energy solutions, Simply Energy was one of the first companies in Australia to enter a sales agreement with Tesla Energy to retail its ‘Powerwall’ home battery storage product.

To view the latest consumer offers, please visit the Simply Energy website.

ENGIE’s retail energy provider, Simply Energy, to help deliver new sustainable hot water trial in South Australia.

Simply Energy will be the lead retail energy provider taking part in the trial and will offer customers incentives to join the scheme.

ENGIE to power Flinders University transition to 100% renewable energy

Flinders University will power all of its South Australian campuses and facilities with 100% renewable energy sources from 2021 through an innovative new electricity supply agreement with ENGIE.

ENGIE supports NAB’s renewable energy commitments

National Australia Bank (NAB) has signed a renewable energy supply agreement with ENGIE, which will see the banking group buy 150,000 Large-scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) from ENGIE.

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