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Greater Springfield

We’re building a Better City that will produce more energy than it consumes. Watch the video to find out how we’re working with Greater Springfield, Queensland to become the world’s greenest city.

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    Better Cities are here

    By 2050, 70% of the world’s population will live in cities.

    In the past, energy companies focused on the production and sale of energy. Society developed an insatiable hunger, consuming more and more energy to sustain modern ways of life.

    In theory, this was great for energy companies, but not great for the future of our planet.

    As the world’s largest independent energy company, we recognise the part we must play in turning this around.

    So, we’re leading the global transition to a zero-carbon economy.

    Cities Represent

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    It’s time to rethink urban life to ensure economy and ecology are in harmony. We’re partnering with businesses and governments to build smart communities of the future that will produce more energy than they consume. We focus on optimising energy consumption, decarbonising energy supply and reinventing the way we live, work and travel. A vast shift is underway, and energy is at the heart of this transition. Around the world, we achieve 30% average reduction of a city’s energy consumption. We’re bringing our global experience to life in cities around Australia and together we can achieve truly amazing results that will benefit communities today and into the future. If you’d like to hear how we’re bringing Better Cities to life, take a moment to sign up to our newsletter.

    What makes a city a Better City?

    “We have one chance—and the responsibility—to get this right and be an ongoing example for others to follow. The focus on efficient and sustainable energy production, storage, and integration with the community has never been more important for Australia and for us. I’m confident that ENGIE can assist us to be a world leader in innovative and smart city solutions.”

    Maha Sinnathamby

    Chairman and Founder - Greater Springfield

    “We want to build long-term partnerships to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. Working closely with developers, businesses and governments at all levels, we can build cities and precincts that will change the way people live and work for the better. We can reimagine and reinvent cities to be more liveable, sustainable and beautiful.”

    Augustin Honorat

    Chief Executive Officer - ENGIE Australia & New Zealand

    Bringing Better Cities to life

    We co-create solutions with a range of leading experts to build Better Cities. No two projects are exactly the same, and we can work with you to build the optimal plan for a better energy future for your jurisdiction that will benefit generations to come.

    Our approach 

    • We help cities, precincts and regions collaborate across services, through a range of contractual arrangements
    • We’re a technology-agnostic service integrator
    • We select, install and operate bespoke products and services based on best outcomes for the customer
    • We provide solutions throughout the value chain, offering flexibility in delivery and business/partnership models:


    Our solutions

    Our infrastructure, services and digital solutions combine to deliver unmatched integrated technical and contractual solutions that can save time, money and the planet.

    Better Cities In Action

    We’re helping Springfield become the world’s greenest city. By 2038, Springfield will produce more energy than it consumes.

    Ohio State University

    We’re transforming one of the United States’ largest universities into a more efficient, sustainable campus.

    Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, UK

    We’re revitalising an East London neighbourhood to improve the lives of locals and shape the future of this new metropolitan centre.

    Punggol Digital District, Singapore

    We’re designing the integrated system for the district cooling network for an innovative development in Singapore.

    We bring a thoughtful, integrated approach, backed by impressive local and global experience.

    Better Cities deliver harmonious progress. So let’s work together to build partnerships and solutions that go Beyond Energy.

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