You are the energy that we need

The world needs energy professionals who see the big picture. At ENGIE, we offer careers that empower talented individuals to work with a dynamic team across many fields – from engineering and sustainable design, to business development, finance, marketing, human resources, innovation, tradespeople, contractors, electricians, AV professionals and technicians. Whether your background is energy, technical services, facility management or a business support function, we know you can play a big part in joining us to lead the energy transition. And if you’re looking to start your career, we’ve got entry level jobs and apprenticeships available too.

We’ve got 1,800 employees in 30 locations across Australia and New Zealand, and globally, 160,000 in 70 countries.

With many opportunities for growth, advancement, and leadership, we invest in our employees to develop skills that will make them successful both within their jobs and outside. We offer cross-functional and international opportunities to develop new skills and expertise. This supports employees at all stages of their career, and better serves customers who seek innovative integrated solutions that require a dedicated team of creative problem-solvers.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, of course.